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Sept 9, 2011

Open recruitment has begun!

We are currently seeking 18+ years of age adult players with the current jobs geared and ready for LS events!

75+ BLM / SCH / RDM / WHM / WAR / SAM / MNK / BRD

Sky access is a MUST, if you do not have access please let us know so we can attempt to help you to enjoy the LS more.  Those members will have one (1) week to gain access to sky.

Currently we have made changes to the LS rules and content that will be posted on LS website soon.  All members are required to attend atleast 75% of events that are scheduled.  Valid reasons for missing an event will be excused, we would like to remind all members that this is an EVENT LS not a SOCIAL.

Those who miss events for non-valid reasons will be placed on LS probation, no points will be gained during this time.

All other rules and content will be found in the Forum section of this website.

- Officers of Need -Not- Greed

Hakutaku Night
Sept. 10, 2011

Wanna congratulate all our members who received an:

Drunkinhobo - Megamanzero - Blankcanvas - Boredwithyou - Sation - Loshinlol - Daevid - Nauco

Great job and thanks for everyone who came out to help us get our guys some pretty hats!
Divine Might
August 28, 2011

We started off a couple hours behind schedule due to our leader, Blankcanvas, aiding three of our members through CoP to access sky.

We managed to successfully win with very few deaths.. no wipes!

Congratulations to everyone who obtained one of the five earrings off this quest!

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